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Janesville’s Attorneys at Law in Janesville and Brodhead, WI

John Wickhem and Robert Consigny started the law firm December 1, 1957, which in the early 1960’s became Wickhem, Consigny & Sedor.

In 1973, the law firm, then Wickhem, Consigny, Sedor & Andrews, invested in Janesville’s historic downtown by purchasing and establishing its offices in the 303 East Court Street building, across the street from the Rock County Courthouse. The firm grew throughout the 70’s, including as members several of today’s prominent lawyers, judges and business people throughout the Rock County area.

In 1981, the firm became Consigny, Andrews, Hemming & Grant. In 2006, after a long relationship of serving our clients in Green County, Wisconsin, we opened our office on 1st Center Avenue in Brodhead, Wisconsin. In 2011, the firm became Consigny Law Firm, S.C. Through a long tradition of community involvement and continued dedication to providing each client with the best possible representation, Consigny Law Firm, S.C. has developed a strong presence and reputation of integrity and ethical practice throughout South Central Wisconsin.

Our Historic Location

303 East Court Street was built in 1858 by George Barnes, a master builder who is best known for his work for William Morris & Tallman in 1855, as a supervisor of construction of the Tallman House. The Tallman House project occupied Barnes for two years, and provided the funds to build this elegant cream brick Italianate double house with bracketed eves, a dentil course at the frieze and limestone cornice lintels at the front facade. It once had two entrances, two staircases, two basements and even two cisterns. Each side was originally separated from the other by a thick central wall. The home has had sensitive adaptations for use as professional offices.

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