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Real Estate Law Attorney

Serving South Central Wisconsin, Including the Communities of Janesville and Brodhead

Consigny Law Firm, S.C. attorneys bring years of professional and personal experience to real estate transactions. Over the years, our firm has helped businesses, corporations, and generations of families with real estate needs. Whether we are helping a family with the legal issues involved in purchasing or selling a home, assisting clients with the development of commercial and residential properties or defending an individual in a property lot line dispute, our attorneys provide the highest quality of competency and care to our clients.

Real estate services include, but are not limited to, preparing or reviewing leases, land contracts, and offers to purchase and developmental agreements and documents for closings on real property. We represent clients in lease terminations, evictions, real estate closings, like-kind exchanges, foreclosures, lot line disputes, property damage claims, and civil litigation related to real estate. We also examine real estate documents, title reports and prepare Deeds and Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Tax Returns.


Michael A. Faust

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