Commercial and Contract Disputes Lawyers Serving South Central Wisconsin, including the communities of Janesville and Brodhead


Commercial Disputes

Our attorneys appear in trials and appeals for individuals and companies of all sizes in disputes involving contracts, product performance or third-party claims. While we have won "big" cases and collected large judgments, our focus is always on serving the client's needs, whether the client is a multi-million dollar corporation or an individual. One of the best testimonials of our attorneys' litigation skills is the fact that after former jurors have observed our attorneys at work in the courtroom, they have selected our firm to represent them in legal matters.
Notary pen lying on testament  — Contract Disputes Lawyers Service in Janesville, WI
Although we aggressively represent our client’s interests, there are times when mediation, arbitration, or settlement are warranted. The goal of our team approach is always to solve legal problems in a way that is consistent with the best interests of our clients.