Attorney Richard R. Grant

Richard R Grant

“Why did I decide to be a lawyer? Because I enjoy helping people solve problems.” That answer, given by Richard Grant to his niece over 30 years ago, is even more true today.

Evolving through the general practice of law, Mr. Grant has problem solved for businesses and individuals, including real estate, contracts, and estate planning. He is very experienced in courtroom litigation and asserting the rights of clients. He enjoys obtaining fair compensation for parties to an accident, a work dispute, or a contract dispute.

Mr. Grant’s lawyering skills have resulted in six and seven-figure recoveries. Whether solving problems between two parties or businesses, before a jury of 12 citizens or before a panel of appeals judges, his tenacious, tireless and experienced representation has assured his clients the highest percentage of victories.

Richard Grant’s long involvement with community organizations and his professional associations with federal, state, and local lawyers and judges, bring important strategies and knowledge to his clients’ cases. He is an unusual lawyer in that he often finds reasonable, but unique, solutions to a client’s problem that save time, money and litigation stress. Most opponents only respect a lawyer who has actually handled many cases and has proven the strength of his clients’ cases. When a struggle is necessary, he relishes the challenge of winning a fair solution. Ask his clients. Ask his opponents!