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Divorce and family law matters frequently involve intense emotions, in addition to complex legal and financial issues. With sensitivity and exceptional legal skills, our divorce and family law attorneys work on your behalf to help achieve the best results with the least amount of emotional stress. Our divorce and family law attorneys are here to help you through what may be one of the more challenging times in your life.

Family law services include divorce actions, premarital agreements, child support and maintenance, termination of parental rights, domestic abuse, custody, adoption, juvenile cases, guardian ad litem,  paternity, gestational surrogacy and guardianship matters. Our divorce and family law lawyers also offer limited scope representation, which allows you to choose what specific legal services we will assist you on for either a short period of time or for a particular purpose.

Our office also has experience in acting as third-party neutrals for parties going through a divorce.  In that capacity, the attorney does not represent either of the parties but, instead, is retained to work with the cooperative parties to guide them through the process.

The following link to the State Bar of Wisconsin consumer pamphlet pertaining to divorce may assist you with basic questions.  Please contact our office to assist you further.

Gestational surrogacy is the process by which a surrogate mother is implanted with an embryo and has no biological relationship to the child.  The embryo can be a combination of egg and sperm from the intended parents and/or donors.  A gestational surrogacy agreement is necessary to make clear the surrogate’s intentions versus the intended parents’ intentions as it relates to the parentage of the child.  Our attorneys can assist either the donor(s), the intended parent(s), or the surrogate in order to ensure that the surrogacy agreement protects the client’s rights and meets the client’s needs.  In addition, after a surrogacy agreement and birth of the child, it may be necessary for a court to confirm parentage of the intended parents and obtain a birth certificate.  Our attorneys also assist in such a court hearing.